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How to Win the Spiritual Battles of Life and Ministry
What spiritual battles are you facing? Whatever is plaguing us—inner struggles, temptations, spiritual harassment, or opposition to the gospel—we can win our spiritual battles because in Christ ... Read more
Chapters 1-6 How can we cooperate with God to set things right in our hearts, minds and daily lives?
Evil, the enemy, and sin work powerfully to move mankind toward desolation and destruction. But God, as a masterful Builder and Repairer, is working in our time and ... Read more

Faith, Courage, and Victory (New!)
24 characters of the Bible in 40 days


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Door Post Verses on Katy’s Blog: Perseverance

"Perseverance comes from knowing God." Guest writer Leigh Powers talks about persevering and shares 5 passages to help us keep going. ...  Read More

Beebe’s Blog - Responding to Fear and Disorder

Disorder and violence seem predominant in the news today, and we can be tempted to fear what will happen next. I heard the following message online recently, and it encouraged me greatly. Below are some of the notes I took. May they bless you in these uncertain days. ...  Read More

The Scrapbooked Bible Study

Bible studies don’t have to be dry and boring—they can be “scrapbooked”! Scrapbooking a photograph is all about visual appeal using background papers, journal entries, and embellishments. You can also add bling—anything that sparkles or shines. We love bling. Bible studies can be scrapbooked for greater reader appeal, using such “background papers” as the context of the message or the customs of the times. The “journal entries” are application for today and discussion questions. “Embellishments” such as stories or a fresh approach to the subject create interest; and comparisons, examples, and definitions build understanding. Spiritual insight is the bling. So the brand of Lighthouse Bible Studies is, “The Scrapbooked Bible Study.”

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