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1 Peter Chapter 1  Because of the greatness of your salvation, live a holy life.

v.1-2  God’s plan of salvation for all believers includes sanctification by the Holy Spirit, obedience (to what is good), and cleansing by the blood of Jesus Christ.

v.3-5  The inheritance that God has given you because of your faith, can’t be taken away from you, and it won’t decay or fade away.

v.6-9  So let the joy of your salvation carry you through the trials of your faith.

v.10-12  The salvation that is made available to us through the suffering of Christ, is so great that the prophets who foretold it and the angels, wanted to know more about it.

v.13-16  So prepare your minds to walk through trials as obedient children, conforming yourselves not to former lusts, but to holiness.

v.17-19  Conduct yourselves on earth with a proper reverence for the great price that was paid to redeem you from sin.

v.20-21  Because you know that God’s plan is to save us through Christ and He has the power to do it, set your faith and hope firmly in God.

v.22-25  Obey the truth and love one another fervently with a pure heart, by relying on the Spirit and on the word of God which lives and abides forever.

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