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Ephesians Ch. 5 Choose the pathways through life and observe the boundaries that are fitting for children of God. 

v.1 Reflect in your walk, your Father’s heart and character.

v.2 Walk in Christ’s quality of love, which is an offering that is well pleasing to God.

v.3-5 Don’t violate God’s boundaries in deeds, desires, or words.

v.6-7 Don’t let anyone persuade you that walking in disobedience to God isn’t dangerous and costly.

v.8-10 Walk as children of light in all goodness, righteousness, and truth.

v.11-14 Don’t walk in the unfruitful and shameful works of darkness, because those deeds will be exposed.

v.15-17 Walk not as fools, but as wise, avoiding the enticements of evil and choosing to walk in the will of the Lord.

v.18-21 Walk filled with the Spirit and the oneness that He cultivates—speak the truth to one another, sing to the Lord in your heart, give thanks always to God, and submit to one another as it pleases Him.

v.22-33 Reflect in your marriage, the oneness of Christ and the church.
v.22-24 Let a wife be joined to her husband in submission to his leadership, as the church is in submission to Christ.
v.25-29 Let husbands nourish and cherish their wives, as Christ does the church.
v.30-32 Let them be joined together as one, as the church and Christ are one.
v.33 Let husbands love their wives as themselves, and let wives respect their husbands. 

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