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Precious Promises

Nehemiah 9:7-8 tells us that God made a covenant (a binding agreement) with Abraham and his descendants—all those who believe (Rom 4:11) of every generation, including us today. Chapter 9 lists some of the blessings that God gave His people, and ends with the people reaffirming or refreshing their covenant with God. What can we learn (Rom 15:4) from this chapter about how God blesses those who believe in Him? In other words,

What does God covenant to do for His people?   

v.8 give us a home with Him
v.8 perform all His words
v.9-11 bring us out of the bondage of affliction and persecution
v.12-14 lead us with the light of His word, on the path that we should travel
v.13 speak with us from heaven
v.13 give us “rules” of life to keep our lives straight (upright)
v.14 spend time with us
v.15 feed and refresh our souls
v.16-19a not to forsake us when we refuse to obey
v.19b lead us on the way that we should go
v.20 give us His good Spirit to instruct us
v.20 give us what we need to live, that we cannot provide for ourselves
v.21 sustain us in the “wilderness”
v.22 give us a homeland
v.23 multiply our descendants and bring them to a home with Him
v.24 subdue our enemies, and give them into our hands
v.25 enable us to conquer what is strong, and to possess what is rich
v.25 delight us in His great goodness
v.26-29a deliver the disobedient to the oppression of their enemies, so that they might turn back to Him
v.29b-30 be patient with the stubborn, and with those who refuse to hear
v.33 deal with us justly and faithfully
v.35 give us a kingdom, and many good things
v.36 fulfill what He has promised to give us

Application: Covenant to be joined to God in faithfulness and obedience (v.1-4, 38).

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Comments (2)

  • anon

    This is a beautiful description of God's covenant with us! It puts you in awe of His love.

    Aug 31, 2014
  • anon

    It certainly does!

    Aug 31, 2014


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