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1 Corinthians Ch. 1  Identify with Christ, and speak the wisdom and power of His gospel.

v.1-3  To the church which is being sanctified in Christ Jesus.

v.4-5  When people hear the gospel of Christ, accept it as true, and embrace it as their own, God enriches them with good things.

v.6-8  Those gifts confirm that they are true believers, and that they will stand blameless in Christ at the judgment.

v.9  The best thing that God gives us, and that He prepares us for, is fellowship with His Son, Jesus Christ.

v.10-11  So be perfectly joined together in agreement concerning the truth, so you can avoid divisions and contentions.

v.12-18  Don’t divide yourselves by identifying with various spiritual leaders or teachers, because all of them are sent, not to build their own following, but to preach the powerful message of the cross of Christ.

v.19-21  Worldly wisdom and understanding can never do what the message of the cross can do—help us to know God and to be saved from the corruption of sin.

v.22-23  The Jews don’t receive Christ’s gospel because they keep looking for a sign to confirm it and it opposes their expectations of the Messiah; to others the gospel just sounds like foolishness.

v.24  But believers know that God wisely rested His plan of salvation on faith in His Son, and that plan has the power to save souls.

v.25-26  Not many worldly-minded people become believers, because they see God’s wise and powerful plan of salvation, as foolish and weak.

v.27-29  Don’t let the world’s opinion of you stop you—God uses people whom the world esteems foolish or weak, to shame the so-called wise and mighty, so that no one may boast in His presence.

v.30-31  Rejoice in this: God sees believers as in Christ, and Christ has become our wisdom, righteousness, sanctification, and redemption.


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