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Resurrection from the Dead

1 Corinthians Ch. 15  Since Christ was raised from the dead, His followers will be also; so hold fast to your faith and abound in the work of the Lord.

Application: Physical death is not an end to life in Christ.

v.1-11  We preached, and you believed, that Christ died for our sins, was buried, and rose again.

v.12-17  The doctrine of resurrection was proven when Christ was raised from the dead, but if He didn’t rise, our faith in His atoning death is in vain.

v.18-19  If there is no resurrection from the dead, then the believers who have already died, have perished.

v.20-23  But Christ is risen from the dead, and has become the firstfruits—the forerunner—of believers who will be raised at His coming.

v.24-26  When Christ has finished His work on earth, He will put an end to all rule, power, and authority that opposes God; and then death—the last enemy—will be destroyed.

v.27-28  Christ will work until all things are made subject to Him, then Christ will subject Himself to God.

v.29-31  If there is no resurrection from the dead, why is it pictured in baptism, and why do preachers subject themselves to suffering and death by preaching it?

v.32  If the dead do not rise, why should preachers expose themselves to the threat of violent death, instead of getting all of the enjoyment they can out of this life?

v.33-34  Resurrection from the dead and an accountability for how we live, are certain, so live as being dead to sin, knowing that the dead shall rise.
Application: Don’t let false teachers lull you into believing a lie, and render you careless of the accountability that will surely come after this life.

v.35-38  Just as a seed that is sown in the earth “dies” (the hull decomposes) before new life can come from it, so God will give believers new bodies that will house the essential identity of who we are, and the new nature that we have in Christ.

v.39-44  In the resurrection of the dead, the natural body is “sown” with its corruption, dishonor, and weakness, but the spiritual body will be raised having incorruption, glory, and power.

v.45-49  As we have borne the image of the man of dust, we shall also bear the image of the Lord from heaven.

v.50-53  Some believers will not die, but be changed—their corruptible and mortal bodies will still put on incorruption and immortality.

v.54-57  Death’s “sting” (its power and authority to kill) comes from the penalty of sin, and that penalty has binding force in the law; but death will be swallowed up in the victory of our Lord Jesus Christ.

v.58  Therefore, brethren, be steadfast, immovable, and abounding in the Lord’s work, knowing that His gospel is true and your work is not in vain.

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