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2 Corinthians:  Live as an ambassador of Christ—Invest in the welfare of the church, and participate in its work.

Also: Contribute to one another’s joy, victory, and contentment, as well as your own.

Ch. 2  Let forgiveness follow punishment and joy follow sorrow, so God’s work may continue.

v.1-4  Let love be shown when wrongs are being set right within the church.

v.5-8  Forgive and comfort those who have caused grief, and reaffirm your love for them.

v.9-11  Forgive so that Satan can’t take advantage of the situation.

v.12-13  When we have new opportunities for ministry, concern for the well-being of the people from previous ministries, stays with us.

v.14-16a  God leads His people and ministers to do an effective job of diffusing the knowledge of Christ everywhere, among the saved and the perishing.

v.16b-17  We are only sufficient for this work if we faithfully give out the knowledge of Christ, as God gave it to us.


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