Bible Outlines for Reading, Teaching, or Discussion Groups

Revelation Ch.s 2 and 3  Instructions and encouragment for believers today:

1. Keep God as your first love.   (the church at Ephesus).

2. Don’t let anything stop you cold in your walk of faith, not even suffering or the threat of death.   (Smyrna)

3. Hold fast to Jesus’ name and doctrine, even among people whom Satan is “ruling,” or when faithful ones are falling (being killed for their faith).   (Pergamos)

4. Don’t allow anyone among you to teach wrong values, doctrines, or practices. Don’t allow anyone to seduce God’s servants away from right living to sexual immorality or to idolatry.   (Thyatira)

5. Adjust your heart and practice to the truth you know.   (Sardis)

6. Be strong, keep Jesus’ word, don’t deny His name, and persevere. Take the opportunity that Jesus has set before you.   (Philadelphia)

7. Be passionate in faith and energetic in good works, not half-hearted.   (Laodicea)

(based on Jesus’s messages to the 7 churches in Revelation Ch.s 2-3)

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