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Goals of the Christian Life from the Gospel of Luke

Ch. 1  Serve God in holiness and righteousness, all the days of your life (v.74-75).

Ch. 2  Take the opportunity to participate in, or to observe, the outworking of God’s plan.

Ch. 3  “Bear fruits worthy of repentance” (Luke 3:8 NKJV).

Ch. 4  Use God’s word to answer Satan’s temptations and to drive him away.

Ch. 5  Become fishers of men (v.10).
            Follow Jesus (v.27).

Ch. 6  Build your life on the solid rock foundation  of Jesus’ sayings (v.46-49).

Ch. 7  Have faith in Jesus’ power.

Ch. 8  Take the initiatives of faith.

Ch. 9  Be sure of your Message: “Who do you say that I am?” (Luke 9:20 NKJV).

Ch. 10  Be sent as a laborer into the Lord’s harvest.
              Prepare the way for Jesus, in people’s hearts and minds.

Ch. 11  Don’t be driven by unclean impulses, but by hearing the word of God and keeping it.

Ch. 12  Confess Christ.
              Seek God’s kingdom.
              Guard the master’s house from thieves.
              Be faithful and wise stewards.
              Do your Father’s will to the full.

Ch. 15  Value, as God does, the lost and the wayward, and rejoice with Him when they are “found.”

Ch. 17  Remain humble and continue serving even when you see the effective power of your faith.

Ch. 20  Live to God.

Ch. 22  Show people how much they are loved.
              Do God’s will, not your own.

Ch. 24  Be a witness of what you know.                               


Copyright © 2006 by Beebe Kauffman

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