Isaiah: Setting Things Right


In 2015, God is still busy working. When we cooperate with Him, He works in the hearts, minds, and daily lives of His children to set things right.

What does “right” look like, according to the Bible study, Isaiah: Setting Things Right?

1. having a loving relationship with God

2. receiving forgiveness of sins

3. possessing a healthy soul with sound ways of thinking, feeling, and acting

4. displacing harmful thoughts, attitudes, words, and habits of life, with good ones

5. centering life on God

6. walking in God’s light (instruction, comfort, encouragement, etc.)

7. heeding Scripture’s warnings and therefore avoiding sin’s harm and loss

8. experiencing the morning after the storm

9. finding Jesus to be beautiful, glorious, excellent, and appealing

10. finding in God: relief from desolation, refuge from danger, and shelter from the storms of life

11. bearing good fruit in your life

12. passionately serving God

13. seeing God for who He really is and reverencing Him above all else

14. progressing in the work that God has given you to do                       


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