Ephesians Ch. 4  Live out the oneness with believers that comes from oneness with Christ.

v.1-3    Walk worthy of God’s high calling of oneness in Christ by walking in:

v.2 humility: Keep a modest opinion of yourself.

v.2 gentleness: Don’t be inclined to anger or resentment.

                v.2 longsuffering: Bear harmful or hurtful things patiently.

v.2 bearing with one another in love: Don’t stop relating to others with love because of differences of opinion, temperament, and so forth.

v.3 peace: Guard your oneness by pursuing peace with one another.

v.4-6    Walk according to your true reality. ...


  By Beebe

1 John: You can be certain that you have eternal life when you are abiding in God, and He in you.


Chapter 2  Abide in the Son and in the Father.


v.1-2   Even though Jesus is the propitiation for our sins and our Advocate with the Father, don’t sin.

v.3-5   We know that we are abiding in Jesus, if we keep His commandments.  

v.6      He who abides in Jesus ought to walk just as He walked.    


  By Beebe

I pray the following prayer often. It took on special meaning this week as I was studying Revelation Chapters 6-9. In one of the judgments in Ch. 9, a third of mankind will be killed.

We have time now to make a difference in people’s lives, so that some of them may choose faith in Jesus, and not have to endure the judgments of sin that are coming in the last days. May we live our days to make a difference for God and for the good of those around us. ...


  By Beebe


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