Faith, Courage, and Victory

The Stories, Struggles, and Triumphs of 24 Characters of the Bible
By Katy Kauffman

What are the keys to walking in faith, courage, and victory?

Scripture is filled with the stories of real people who became overcomers. They faced struggles, trials, and temptations. They battled fear, doubt, and formidable enemies. But their faith in God gave them the courage to do His will. Their stories give us timeless truths that help us to face our own spiritual battles and win.

Do you need to overcome personal doubts? See how God answered each of Moses’ doubts and questions, and helped him to stand before Pharaoh and to lead Israel out of captivity. Are you harassed by spiritual enemies? Implement Nehemiah’s strategies for victory, which enabled him to continue God’s work in spite of distractions. Is fear keeping you from doing what God has called you to do? Let Esther’s selfless courage and Deborah’s confident courage inspire you to do God’s will. Do you feel like you’re in a “foreign” land, constantly bombarded by the world’s culture and values? Learn from Daniel’s quiet courage and Joseph’s strong determination to remain faithful to God.

This Bible study capsulizes the stories of twenty-four characters of the Bible, from Abraham, the father of faith, to Paul, the great contender of the faith. Forty devotions include practical principles, moving stories, thought-provoking questions, and prayers to personalize the truths of Scripture. A leader guide is provided for using this book as a nine-week group study.

Don’t allow challenges and struggles to keep you from the fullness of life with God. Let the real-life stories of the men and women of the Bible inspire you to walk in faith, courage, and victory in this generation!  

A Leader Guide is included for using this book as a 9-week group study. 

This book won the 2016 Selah Award for Bible studies. 


40 days with Katy will take you on a journey that will expand beyond the boundaries of 24 Bible characters; it will help insert a knowledge and practical application into our personal lives. Without being overly academic, Faith, Courage, and Victory illustrates and develops story lines of biblical men (as well as several women) and makes them relevant for today. Self-help questions are designed for our personal involvement.

And on top of all this, a leader guide and a section on biblical scrapbooking are included to assist in making this a valuable small group study tool. Katy has done a superb job in producing a document that will be a blessing to the church.

- Dr. Dennis Dieringer, Vice President for Student Development, Luther Rice College & Seminary


Do you struggle with doubts and fears? Is your Christian faith not as strong as you want it to be? Katy Kauffman's Faith, Courage, and Victory: The Stories, Struggles, and Triumphs of 24 Characters of the Bible shares Biblical truths of people who overcame great adversities. Kauffman's easy to read book provides practical principles, touching stories and heartfelt prayers. I liked the questions at the end of each passage that helped me reflect on my spiritual journey. This great study can be done individually or in a small group setting. A nine session leader outline is provided at the end of the book. If you want to strengthen your walk in faith, read this book!

- Sharon Barnett


Outstanding Bible study that dives deep into Bible characters, including ones that are tough to learn from. With each chapter, I feel like I've learned something new, and the author's writing style is very soothing. Questions at the end of each chapter are succinct and thought-provoking. This book is the 2016 Selah award winner for Bible studies. Great for fans of expositional study (like me) and fans of John MacArthur's Twelve Ordinary Men, Twelve Extraordinary Women, and Twelve Unlikely Heroes.

- Lauren Craft


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