Delighting in God's Unsurpassable Gift

by Del Bates

Delighting in God’s goodness
Becomes a part of my day.
When I begin with Him
And I start out to pray.

Delighting in His goodness
For all that He has done.
Delighting in His goodness
For the gift of His own Son.

For what could be far greater
Or what could ever compare.
Than the loving arms outstretched
That His father chose to share!

God’s goodness goes beyond anything we can ever think or imagine. As we begin our day, and recall the mighty works of His hand, how could we not raise ours and praise His holy name?

Although we delight in His love, His mercy, and His grace, the pivotal point is highlighted in the unsurpassable gift of His Son—eternal salvation extended to all who believe in Him.

When I think of God’s goodness, I recall the words of King David from Psalm 127:13 (NIV), “I remain confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.”

If King David, who was being pursued by King Saul, could confidently proclaim that he would see the goodness of God, then how much more should we. Yes, King David learned about the goodness of God in the fields while he cared for the sheep of his flock. Beloved, how much more blessed are we to see the goodness of God on the other side of the cross. As King David cared for the lives of His flock, we see the goodness of God as He gave of His. Yes, He allowed the perfect sheep to lay down His very life for you, for me.

So, today, may you proclaim and choose to walk, to talk, and to forever delight in the goodness of our great and mighty God!


© Copyright 2017 by Del Bates


Del Bates is an author and a speaker. She is the president for the chapter of Treasure Coast Word Weavers in Vero Beach. She is also on the Board for the South-East Area of Aglow Int. in Florida and resides as the president of her chapter, Vero Beach Aglow.

She has self-published a 40-day devotional book called Daily Seeds: 40 Devotional Seeds of Grace. Del also has numerous stories in various anthologies and recently won an award at the Florida Christian Writers Conference in the Children Story Book category.

She and her husband are snowbirds. Florida in the winter, and Michigan in the summer where she enjoys her three grown children, their families, and their five precious grandbabies. Visit her at

Facebook: @ Del Bates

Pinterest: Del Bates


This post is the 3rd one in our new series called Delighting in God’s Goodness. Check out our first post introducing the series and the second one called Delighting in God’s Constant Presence


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Comments (2)

  • anon

    Del, I needed this post today. I will bask in the goodness of the Lord no matter how I feel or what my circumstances are.

    May 30, 2017
  • anon

    Del, your poem and post were refreshing reminders about God's goodness and the gift of salvation in Christ. 

    May 30, 2017

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