Faith, Courage, and Victory – What It’s All About

I learn from movies, especially action adventure movies. Do you? I like seeing a team of people work together to accomplish a goal or defeat an enemy. Their example of courage and skill inspires me to have courage in my own life and to do what God wants me to do.

The Bible is filled with the stories of real people who became overcomers. They battled struggles, temptations, and formidable enemies. They had to overcome fear and doubt to do God’s will for their lives. Their faith and courage can inspire us to live by faith and courage in our own walks with God. This is what my new Bible study is all about—learning from the real-life adventures of men and women in the Bible, who had struggles, but cooperated with God’s work in them and through them and became overcomers.

Do you need to overcome personal doubts? See how God answered each of Moses’ doubts and questions, and helped him to stand before Pharaoh and to lead Israel out of captivity. Are you harassed by spiritual enemies? Implement Nehemiah’s strategies for victory, which enabled him to continue God’s work in spite of distractions. Is fear keeping you from doing what God has called you to do? Let Esther’s selfless courage and Deborah’s confident courage inspire you to do God’s will. Do you feel like you’re in a “foreign” land, constantly bombarded by the world’s culture and values? Learn from Daniel’s quiet courage and Joseph’s strong determination to remain faithful to God.

This Bible study capsulizes the stories of twenty-four characters of the Bible, from Abraham, the father of faith, to Paul, the great contender of the faith. Forty devotions include practical principles, moving stories, thought-provoking questions, and prayers to personalize the truths of Scripture. A leader guide is provided for using this book as a nine-week group study.

Don’t allow challenges and struggles to keep you from the fullness of life with God. Let the real-life stories of the men and women of the Bible inspire you to walk in faith, courage, and victory in this generation!  

The e-book version of Faith, Courage, and Victory is currently available to pre-order online, and the paperback will be released online toward the beginning of June.


© Copyright 2015 by Katy Kauffman

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