Flying on God’s Promises

by Katy Kauffman

A plane ticket is a promise. It’s the promise of a destination. The promise of adventure. For me, my plane ticket to Florida this month is the promise of meeting writers at the Florida Christian Writers Conference and having one of the best adventures of the year.

When I arrive at my flight’s gate, I count on my boarding pass to work and to allow me to board the plane. I count on the flight attendants to bring me Sprite to soothe my motion-sickness-prone tummy, and (with a few prayers) I depend on the pilots to land the plane safely in Orlando.

A promise is something we hold on to, a guarantee. As humans, we make promises and we do our best to keep them. But we can’t guarantee every promise, because we have weaknesses and life happens. Emergencies surprise us. Our own strength fails.

Only God can keep each of His promises. He is the only being in the universe who hasn’t been tainted by sin and has all power, love, and wisdom. When He makes a promise, He keeps it. Every single time.

Today we release the February issue of Refresh Bible Study Magazine, and I invite you to take a look inside. You will find promises of God that you can count on. Every single time.

Articles You Will Find in “The Promises of God” Issue

Is your heart troubled by thinking about the present and the future? Take comfort in Jesus’ promise found in John 14:1-4.

Do you need someone to stay close to, someone you can always trust and depend on? Someone who will cherish you forever? Read another of Jesus’ promises in John 14:23. God Himself makes His home within us.

Do you need guidance and peace? Direction to know what to do? Psalm 32:8 is your verse to depend on, and Psalm 25:4-5 are your verses to pray. If you know what God wants you to do, but you’re afraid to try, look to Deuteronomy 31:7-8 for reassurance.

These are just some of the Scriptures discussed in our new issue.

Get Ready for a Blessing

Grab a cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate; snuggle down in a cozy chair; and browse our magazine. Click this link to get started: The Promises of God. You can click on any article title on the Contents page, and immediately view that article.

When the winter winds get choppy and your flight pattern starts to veer off course, be assured that God is with you, and keep flying on His promises. They will keep your wings steady, your heart strong, and your journey an adventure.

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