Heart Renovation—God’s Work, Our Cooperation

Hidden problems. Unseen damage. The Bible warns us for our good about harboring certain attitudes in our hearts—pride, fear, guilt, bitterness, rebellion, unforgiveness, and the like. These attitudes of the heart cause damage. Sometimes we don’t realize it, or if we do, we don’t know the full extent of the damage. But God knows. He sees, and He cares. He uses various methods to get our attention so together we can address the root causes of the problem and reverse its effects.

Repairing the Hidden Problems of Character

In our new Bible study that releases today, Heart Renovation: A Construction Guide to Godly Character, we talk about the hidden problems that ambush our spiritual growth.

God arms us with the tools and wisdom needed to tear out what harms our lives and replace it with what builds us up in Christ. Our authors identify specific steps for how to deal with hidden sin and move forward with God’s renovation of our hearts.

Getting to Know Heart Renovation Better

“Repairing the Hidden Problems of Character” is the first section, and the following list shows you what else is in this Bible study compilation:

  • Constructing Character that Overcomes Life Issues
  • Blueprints of Character: People in the Bible
  • Christ: The Model of Godly Character
  • Construction Zone: Helping Our Children to Grow in Godly Character
  • Craftsman at Work: The Fruit of the Spirit
  • Building in Blessing: The Beatitudes

Join Us for Some Fun and Giveaways

Tonight on this Facebook event page, I will be hosting a virtual release party. Our authors and our friends and family are scattered across the country, so we will gather on Facebook to celebrate the book’s release today. Come join us for fellowship, a video or two describing the book, a trivia game with fun prizes, and more!

Moving toward Freedom

When God renovates our hearts, He employs all of His wisdom, love, and power to free us from the sin and burdens that weigh us down, steal our joy and peace, and limit daily life as an adventure with Him. I am grateful that He is a loving Father who welcomes us into His family as we are, but doesn’t leave us as we come. He ushers us into new freedoms and joys as He transforms us with His love and truth. He is the Master Craftsman whose love drives Him to bless our hearts and lives with godly character.

What tools do you think God uses to make us more like Christ? Share your thoughts in the comments below, and I hope you will join us on Facebook tonight for a celebration of this new Bible study! God is building our hearts to become more like His own.


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Heart Renovation: A Construction Guide to Godly Character, Lighthouse Bible Studies, Katy Kauffman

Comments (1)

  • anon

    He uses trials and joys to shape us, instruction in the Bible, and Christian friends. 

    Jun 21, 2018

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