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Brainstorming, discussions, speeches, laughter, and joy—that’s what we had at last year’s Enrich Conference. Even on Zoom! I loved “gathering” online with other Christian writers to talk about Bible studies. The Pandemic didn’t stop us from enriching each other with encouragement, feedback, and fellowship.

The Enrich Conference 2021 offers classes, workshops, and fellowship time for those who write, speak, or teach about Scripture. This year’s conference will be on Thursday, September 30, through Saturday, October 2. It will be on Zoom, and it’s free. A list of the classes, the daily schedule, and a link to register for the conference are below.

On the first day, we’ll have a mini-conference on “How to Write Bible Studies,” from which we will launch a new Zoom group for Bible study writers. Thursday evening begins the regular conference with a brainstorming session. The rest of the time, we’ll give speeches and receive feedback, talk about main ideas and reader takeaway, and discuss how to repurpose our Bible studies or Christian Living articles into (CBN) devotions. We will practice putting some sizzle into our book proposals, and be encouraged to use such resources for writers as MailChimp, WordPress, and YouTube. And more. We would love for you to join us.

To see the full class listing and download the schedule, click this link:

Enrich Conference 2021 Information

Here's a preview of the Class Listing:

1. How to Write Bible Studies   Thursday, 9 am - 5:30 pm 

We are going to launch a new Zoom group after the Enrich Conference, and this mini-conference will prepare us for it. In the Zoom group, we will be presenting various stages of our study and getting instant feedback, encouragement, and suggestions. In the conference, we will begin by looking at “A Plan of Action” that can be applied to shorter Bible studies or to book-length studies. We will also discuss, demonstrate, and practice some of the study tools that generate ideas for writing, the resources and writing skills that help our studies “zing,” and the motivations that keep us committed to our projects. People who attend this mini-conference are welcome to join the new Zoom group that will start in October 2021. …

2. Brainstorming. Share your latest project with the group—whether it’s in the idea stage, mid-progress, or finished—and brainstorm the best way to …

3 and 4. Speeches and Feedback, Parts 1 and 2. Speaking is one of the most effective ways of sharing our messages and marketing our books. Feedback is a valuable means of …

5. Making a Newsletter in Mailchimp. Invest in one of the best strategies for connecting directly with your readers—a newsletter. You can use a newsletter in two ways—to give …

6. I’ll Give You a Scripture, You Show Me Some Takeaway.  Do you remember going to your first Bible study? What “takeaway,” what value, were you hoping to find? Was it …

7. Navigating WordPress: Personalize Your Online Presence. Do you have a WordPress website or want to start one? What are the tips and tricks for making the site your own with colors, a tag line, and a logo? How do you add …

8. I Need a Main Idea. Main ideas can be elusive. A clear main idea is essential to great writing, but where can we find one? In this class we will look at five treasure houses of great ideas …

9. Repurpose Your Scripture-Based Writing into (CBN) Devotions. The messages God gives us don’t have to be shared just once. Take your devotions, Christian living articles, and short Bible studies, and …

10. Book Proposals: No Fizzle, All Sizzle.  Book proposals introduce agents and editors to our books, and these introductions need to sizzle. We have very little time to make a big impression, so every part is vital. …

11. Create Your Own YouTube Channel (in class). Since YouTube is the second largest search engine, let’s flood it with God and His Word. We’ll walk through the steps of how to create a channel, and you can make one on the spot and ask questions as we go. What you’ll need …

12. Tap into the Power of Videos. As Bible study writers, speakers, and teachers, we can use this powerful medium to build an audience, connect with them on a regular basis, and promote our books and Bible studies. …

13. “Draw In” an Artsy Audience with Journaling and “Artsy” Prompts. We can turn any book into an artsy adventure filled with color and creativity. In this class, we’ll look at how a Bible-based book can be used for Bible journaling and creating art and crafts that remind us of God’s beautiful truths. …

14. Contest: Calming the Storms Within (Deadline - September 15) 

Want to Come?

Download the registration form, using this link: Enrich Conference 2021

Type in your information (we keep it safe) on your computer, and email it to us at Be sure to perform a “Save As” and name the file before you attach it to an email.

Come and let your heart be enriched by gathering with other Bible-based writers. We would love to see you!


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