If I know someone is looking for a book of the Bible to read in their quiet time, I suggest Psalms.

What I love the most about Psalms is that it showed me God is a personal God. He didn’t make all things and then leave us to fend for ourselves. He is real, He is involved in our lives, and He loves us with a deep, abiding love. Whatever David and the other psalmists needed, God was there for them—whether it was protection, mercy, wisdom, or justice. God cared about what they were going through and intervened on their behalf. He is a personal God, the one and only personal God. And He is still personal today. 



  By Katy


Starting a new year can feel like you’re walking toward the edge of a precipice. You are thrilled to catch a glimpse of what’s beyond the cliff, but at the same time, you’re afraid of falling. Every new year makes me excited about what’s to come. I envision what I’ll be doing and what new adventures I’ll find. But then I start to wonder what scary things will be in the great “void,” in the great unknown. What trials or challenges. Then I remember who is with me and for me, and fear gives way to trust and peace.



  By Katy

I love the stories of struggle and survival, of hope and victory. I remember the books and movies that mirror real life with its incredible highs and unavoidable lows, and that show the path to hope and freedom. The ones that teach that second chances exist and there’s more to life than scraping by.

Purple Moon is one of those books. Tessa Emily Hall has woven together a story of hope and second chances with charming characters and unforgettable scenes. Purple Moon is about a teenager named Selena who goes to Lake Lure, North Carolina, to spend the summer with family while her mother is in rehab. Adventures and temptations await Selena in Lake Lure as well as the chance to find the hope she desperately needs. ...



  By Katy


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