Loving Brownies a Little Less

by Katy Kauffman

I was doing fine until Valentine’s Day weekend. After committing to eat fewer sweets and more apples, I bombed. Valentine’s Day ruined my plan, even though apples sat in the refrigerator drawer. Two sets of brownies that were made for Bible study night, defeated good sense. As a treat for my friends, we cut out brownie shapes with cookie cutters and decorated them with white icing and red and white sprinkles. Of course, I had to eat the negative space—the brownie pieces left over from using the cookie cutters. All good chefs eat their own food, right?

Have you ever intended to cut back on something, but then your plans were derailed by a surprise? A sale at Macy’s. Beautiful desserts at a party. Netflix releasing a favorite TV show. “Resistance is futile,” to quote Star Trek.

More serious things pull against our self-control and wisdom. An unkind word spoken by someone else. Unfairness at work. Someone being mean to a person we love. We try to be self-disciplined and walk according to God’s will (not our own), but walking in victory is sabotaged by either something we want or a knee-jerk reaction to a surprise situation. How do we resist the urge to respond in an ungodly way?

Two weeks ago, I blogged about “Desire’s Ambush,” and I’m still dealing with this renewed realization that our values are key to victory. If we’re not careful, selfish desires can creep back into our lives once we’ve said no to them. Satan and his forces will try to trip us up with old battles, but keeping our hearts aligned with God’s desires for us, helps us to walk in victory. We have to decide what we value more.

God gives us a warning at the end of Romans 12, a warning about good versus evil. The key to victory is which one we value more.

“Do not be overcome with evil, but overcome evil with good.”
Romans 12:21 NKJV

A short verse that cuts to the heart of the matter. Don’t be overcome with what harms others or yourself. Overcome harm with good.

Do we splurge in the moment and risk our health, or do we limit what we eat and become content with smaller portions? Food isn’t the only temptation.

Do we value being right over being loving, and say something that will hurt someone else or reflect poorly on God? Or we do value someone else’s feelings and our testimony, and we guard our words? Do we indulge in spending money for things we don’t really need, or do we honor God as good stewards of the resources He has given us? Do we value pursuits that steal time from loved ones, or do we include family and friends in our fun hobbies or set aside enough time to be with them?

We fight for what we love. As we delight in the Lord (Psalm 37:4), we value more and more what He values—what’s “good.” That includes people, relationships, love, truth, and honor. Doing what’s right over what’s convenient. Seeing the worth in godly choices and the poison in ungodly ones. The more we value what God values, we’ll fight to honor Him and be there for people in ways that build them up instead of tear them down.

So starting this week, I’m going to love brownies a little less. And in other areas of my life, too, I’m going to direct my values in the direction of health and soundness as God defines it, and see what happens. Let’s look for the “good” in every situation and seek that. Let’s fight for what God loves, and value everything else less.

How hard do you think it is to change a person’s values? What has to take place?


As we dive into what it means to sustain life’s spiritual victories, we hope you’ll leave comments on the posts. Check out “Victory’s Default Setting” and “Desire’s Ambush” if you missed them. Be sure to follow this blog to receive future Bible study devotions in your inbox! Guest bloggers and I will be talking about Sustaining Life’s Victories throughout the year.

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Comments (7)

  • anon

    Romans 12:12 is such a powerful verse! We overcome by the “one another’s” of scripture. Loving one another, being kind to one another, forgiving one another. 
    Great post!!

    Feb 26, 2019
  • anon

    Katy, today I gave into a bag of homemade chocolate chip cookies a friend gave me, so your title caught my eye. As I prepare to teach Romans 7, I am reminded how will power won't defeat the flesh. We need the power of Holy Spirit! Thankfully we have it. Ps. 37:4 is one of my favorite verses. I believe as we delight in the Lord He changes our desires to be like His. Great Post!

    Feb 26, 2019
  • anon

    Thanks for the reminder that I value the things I spend time doing. I think for me, the best way for me to set my values is by meditating on God's Word and thinking through how that plays out in my daily life. When I just skim the Word, I consume just enough to starve myself. I must feast on God's truths so they sink deep into my soul. Then my values will be set and start to steer my life towards loving God and others.

    Feb 26, 2019
  • anon

    I've never heard them called "negative space," but I've often cut brownies or rice krispy treats for my kids into fun shapes, and yes, the negative space added positive pounds to my scales!!!! Thanks for the reminder to love more what God wants for us and less the things that He doesn't want for us, or the things that can do us harm. Great analogies, as always, Katy - you always help us to visualize the bible points that you make with practical examples! 

    Feb 26, 2019
  • anon

    Well, Katy, it's absolutely essential that we make sure the brownies are "okay" before we share them! Right? Of course, that also reminds me that I need to make sure that my thoughts, words, and actions are "okay" when filtered through the teachings of Jesus before I share those. So often we impulsively eat that brownie, cookie or cheeseburger and then regret it because we know it is bad for our health. I think that impulsiveness also springs out in words and actions that cause pain to others.You are absolutely right in your wisdom. I don't don't think we can love the Lord and honor his goodness unless we are striving to live as His children--do good, not evil.

    Feb 26, 2019
  • anon

    I love this Katy. Self-control will be a continuing battle while we are in this life. Posts like this help us encourage and strengthen each other.

    Feb 26, 2019
  • anon

    Katy, your lead is "sweet." (pun intended) It's such a good example of intentions versus results. Thank you for the reminder to place value on what God values. I believe that process normally takes time, but with God's Word in our hearts, it can happen.

    Feb 26, 2019

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