The beauty and significance of the names of Jesus in Isaiah 9:6 give us hope, strength, and courage. Because Jesus is Wonderful, our hearts can take comfort because He is good and will always do what is good. Because Jesus is our Counselor, we have Someone who will give us sound wisdom, right direction, and well-founded hope. Because Jesus is the Mighty God, we can depend on Him for strength that never fails and have courage to live for Him in this world because He is in control over all things. Because Jesus is the Everlasting Father, we can count on Him to always be there, to be eternal and unchanging. Because He is the Prince of Peace, His rule within us produces calming strength, inner stability, and lasting security.

So here they are in one spot—links to each devotion in this series. I love these names, don’t you? In case you missed a devotion or would like to read them in one sitting, the links are located under each picture in blue, underlined type. On Christmas Eve, I read most of the devotions and had a little celebration of my own of who Jesus is. Let’s celebrate Him all year long!



  By Katy


Peace. It’s something we all need, something we all crave.

As I close this series on Isaiah 9:6, there’s one more name to consider. This verse identifies the nature of the Messiah, whose birth we celebrate every Christmas. We have talked about Jesus being Wonderful, our Counselor, the Mighty God, and the Everlasting Father. It’s fitting that this series of names ends with Prince of Peace. ...



  By Katy


When I read Isaiah 9:6, I pause the longest at this name—Everlasting Father. It’s been a treasure to me for a long time, although I think it’s odd to call Jesus a Father. I have always thought it referred to Jesus’ loving nature, but the word father in Hebrew gives this name a new meaning.

“Everlasting Father” literally means “the father of eternity.”1 It was a Hebrew and Arabic custom to call “he who possesses a thing … the father of it.”2 For Jesus to be the father of eternity means that He is eternal. He possesses eternity, and there is never a time when we have to doubt if He’ll be there. He is forever, with no beginning and no end. This name means that His rule as King won’t be short-lived like so many kings of this earth. His rule will be eternal, constant, and sure, because He is. ...



  By Katy


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