A Storehouse of Blessing: The Benefits of Personal Bible Study

By Katy Kauffman

When Satan launches fiery missiles our way, we need a fortress of defense for protection. When trials and uncontrollable circumstances threaten to shake our foundation, we need a solid rock to stand on. When doubts and fears cloud our joy and vision, we need the light of God Himself to pierce through the fog and bring hope.

The Word of God is our sure defense against the enemy, our solid foundation through the storms of life, and our victory over fears and anxieties. The Bible is a handbook for living. Guiding us from the earliest age of understanding to our final days, it traces God’s path for our lives, strengthens our souls, and protects us. It shows us how to know God and have a relationship with Him.

How often do you read it? Do you study it?

The LORD told Joshua that he would have success if he meditated on the Law day and night (Joshua 1:8). I usually have my quiet time only in the mornings, but starting this week I am reading the Bible before I go to sleep. I understand why God wanted His Word to be bookends to our day—we can begin and end the day focusing on Him and His words of love, truth, and hope.

It takes time to read and study God’s Word. It takes deliberately setting aside time and protecting that time to understand what it means, think about how to live it out, and to pray over it. We have busy lives. People need us, deadlines must be met, and the house doesn’t stay straight on its own. So why is Bible study worth the time and attention it takes?

The Bible speaks for itself of why it’s worth the time and investment to know it and live it out. In Psalm 119, we see that the benefits of reading and studying God’s Word are:

  • Cleansing from sin  (v.9)
  • Helping us not to sin  (v.11)
  • Counseling  (v.24)
  • Revival  (v.25,37,107,154)
  • Something to delight in and love  (v.47)
  • Hope  (v.49)
  • Life  (v.50, 93)
  • Comfort  (v.52)
  • Good judgment and knowledge  (v.66)
  • Wisdom  (v.98)
  • Understanding  (v.99, 104, 130, 169)
  • A light to our path (v.105)
  • Joy  (v.111)
  • Direction and freedom  (v.133)
  • Peace and stability  (v.165)
  • Deliverance  (v.170)
  • Help from God  (v.173)
  • Great treasure  (v.162)

“In Psalm 119, the word ‘delight’ is mentioned nine times, even more than ‘hope’ or ‘hoped.’ God’s Word is a delight. It shows us the intricate nature and character of God. It reassures us of His love and provides examples of His mercy and goodness in the lives of real people—people who had struggles and burdens, but who saw God’s grace carry them through. God’s Word brings us joy because it shows us how God works in our lives and teaches us what we can count on Him for. It also teaches us our part in life—how we can relate to God and other people and how we can make an eternal impact for His kingdom. God’s Word delights our hearts and energizes us for the work He has for us. The joy of the LORD becomes our strength (Nehemiah 8:10).”

- 2 Timothy: Winning the Victory

God’s Word is a delight to our souls, strength to our spirits, and transformational power to our whole selves. When we take the time to be in God’s Word with Him leading us, we will find a storehouse of help and blessing.

How has God’s Word blessed your life? Leave a comment below, and add some more to the list of the blessings above or say the same blessings in your own words. This coming Friday I will share some testimonials of how the Bible has been meaningful to women who have taken the time to study it. You will hear how God’s Word has been their rock, strength, hope, defense, and guide.

God’s Word is a treasure worth discovering. What will you find today?



© Copyright 2014 by Katy Kauffman

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Comments (2)

  • anon

    I've come to realize that when I begin to read the Word of God it's like a Lays potato chip I can't seem to put it down. I'm addicted to it and I'm glad about it. Because it's during that time God puts me in a praying mode and by then I'm all His....be bless

    Sep 02, 2014
  • anon

    I know the feeling about wanting to study more and more, Wanda! God's Word feeds the soul. Thank you for your comments and for the Lays potato chip analogy. God's Word is satisfying, and yet it leaves you wanting more. God bless you as well!

    Sep 02, 2014

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