This Bible study, written by Beebe Kauffman (my mother), has helped me to better understand how God works in our lives on a daily basis. He is always working—guiding, transforming, equipping. I want to share with you a passage from Isaiah: Setting Things Right that I love. It describes the sanctification process and how God works in our lives.

What’s involved in God setting things right?



  By Katy

Today we say thank you. We remember the fallen. We honor those who serve. We pray for their protection.

In the 238 years of our country’s existence, thousands of soldiers have fought for our freedom. They pledged their strength, skill, and lives to protect our liberties. Some wrote a blank check, giving their all. In Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom, the Washington Post reports that “6,838 U.S. service members have died.”1 Freedom comes at a great cost, and we honor that cost. I also want to honor some people who are special to me. ...



  By Katy


  By Katy


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