Psalm 107 is my favorite chapter in the Bible. In this post I want to use the Bible study tools to show you why.

I had done the first six steps years ago— prayed, printed, marked key people and repeated words, paid attention to contrasts and comparisons, looked up a few definitions and read some commentaries. But when I did the seventh step for this blog post, I discovered something new about Psalm 107—some sparkling application. This psalm describes four desperate situations in which people cried out to God, situations that many of us experience today. When we cry out to God, He hears us and He helps. ...



  By Katy

Finding out how the Bible applies to life today is like finding a best friend. You find something that speaks to you, that you can rely on to be true, and that will be there for you in the darkest times. I have found a true friend in the encouragement, promises, and truths of God. I have found God Himself as I study Scripture, and He is a Best Friend that sticks with us 24/7, as He loves us, shares life with us, and guides us.

This past week I shared a method of studying the Bible that has been a faithful companion to me for many years. Today I want to share with you another companion, an easier way to look at Scripture and find application for life today. ...



  By Katy

The adventure continues! Today let’s look at the last three steps of the Bible study method that we began in my last post. I encourage you to try this on your own, printing out Philippians 1 or your favorite chapter of the Bible.

So here we go with the last three steps. Remember to pray before you begin studying the Bible on a new day, no matter what step you’re on! ...



  By Katy


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