The Power to Make a Difference

Strategies, Insights, and Encouragement in Forty Short Bible Studies
By Twenty-Seven Contributing Authors

What difference are you making in the world? The Power to Make a Difference is a compilation of forty short Bible studies that address the explosive power of four areas of life.

  • The Power of Words
  • The Power of Doing
  • The Power of Knowing
  • The Power of Prayer

With meaningful stories, rich application of Scripture, creative insights, and practical strategies, the authors inspire us to unleash our potential for good. The way we can do that is to partner with God in daily life.

Each of the studies usually takes five minutes or less to read, and is followed by a prayer and questions.

A short guide is included for using this book as an eight-week group Bible study.

What difference can we make in our daily lives when we partner with God?


This Bible study was compiled by Beebe Kauffman and Katy Kauffman, and its articles were written by the the following authors.  

Karen O. Allen
Lori Altebaumer
Dr. Lori Brown
Billie Corley
Jennifer DeFrates

Mary Albers Felkins
Barb Fox
Karen Fulgham
Ron Gallagher
Becky Hitchcock

Mary Holloman
Katy Kauffman
Lisa Kibler
Jenifer Kitchens
Barbara Latta

Dawn Linton
Dr. Roy E. Lucas, Jr.
Jonathan McDuffie
Marilyn Nutter
Katherine Pasour

Brad Simon
Jeannie Waters
Krystal Weeks
J. D. Wininger
Connie Wohlford

K. A. Wypych
Dorcas Asercion Zuniga


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