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The mission of Refresh is to connect God's Word to life today. It is a free, digital, quarterly magazine sent to subscribers via a MailChimp newsletter.

All of our articles are based on Scripture, and many are good conversation starters for talking with people about God and the Bible. In recent years, we have added discussion questions to the articles, so you can use the magazine as a basis for discussion in a small group.

Every Thursday evening, we gather on Zoom to hear an author read his or her article from the magazine and we discuss it. Join us on Zoom from 7-8 pm EST on Thursdays, and contact us for the link and schedule!


Our Current Issue

Our Christmas issue has 19 Jesus-centered articles, filled with hope and encouragement for all year long. Join us on Zoom in January 2022 to discuss a few more of our Christmas articles. Use the Contact link above for more details.

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Don't let your heart grow weary. Stay in God's Word. Be refreshed!


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Our Issues

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2018 Issues

February - The Promises of God

April - Are Faith and Love Thriving Today?

June - The Refreshment of Prayer, Part 1 and The Refreshment of Prayer, Part 2

August - James: Be Doers of the Word

October - Contributor's Choice

December - Christmas


2019 Issues

June - The Power of Doing

September - The Power of Knowing

December - Christmas


2020 Issues

March - Sustaining Life's Victories

June - Psalms and Proverbs

September - Contributor's Choice

December - Christmas

2021 Issues
September - Don't Grow Weary
December - Christmas