Right Side Up Thinking in an Upside Down World

Looking at the World through the Lens of Biblical Truth
By Ron Gallagher

Like a master storyteller, Ron Gallagher takes everyday occurrences, often interspersed with his own unexpected brand of humor, and weaves them into unforgettable spiritual insights. Whether addressing cultural conflict, hoverboards, “zombie” cockroaches, or Goldilocks like you’ve never seen her, he uses a wide range of illustrations to paint a picture of “right side up” thinking in an “upside down” world.

How should we react when God’s way of thinking has been turned on its head? This collection of thought-provoking vignettes, anecdotes, insights, and opinions offers encouragement to continue walking with God and being a part of His story on this earth.

We can’t fix an upside down world by standing on our heads and adapting to the view, but applying God’s principles to life is a powerful way to turn things right side up again.


About the Author

Ron Gallagher is a church consultant, featured speaker, and newspaper columnist. His ministry also includes writing a weekly blog addressing culturally relevant topics from a Biblical point of view at Gallagher’s Pen, producing study materials for Bible classes he teaches, and contributing regularly to Refresh Bible Study Magazine. Ron and his wife, Diane, live in Virginia.




In a culture where right is wrong and wrong is right, Ron's book is a breath of fresh air. Far too many who claim the name of Christ have never experienced true “renewing of the mind,” and instead have bought into the lies of postmodernism. Ron helps the believer understand what a Christian worldview really is in a humorous but sobering way. It's a delightful read.

-- Victoria Cobb, President, The Family Foundation of Virginia


Ecclesiastes 12:10-11 sums up what Ron has done in the writing of this book: "(10) The Preacher sought to find delightful words: and what was written was upright-words of truth. (11) The words of the wise are like goads, and the words of scholars are like well-driven nails."  There are those who write to try to say something, then there are the Ron Gallaghers who write because they have something to say. This book is a great read and you will be challenged, made to laugh, remember your upbringing with those lessons you did not want to learn, yet you now find that they are the foundation upon which you have built your life, and most of all, it presents truth through God's Word with practical application. May you enjoy this reading as much as I have. 

-- Dr. Don L. Crain, Pastor of 45 years and Missionary to Pastors through the Southern Baptist Conservatives of Virginia


This book is the best I’ve read in many years in terms of relating biblical principles to life in the real world.  In some articles, the author uses his personal experiences—sometimes as a young boy—to illustrate whether our culture’s behaviors and beliefs are consistent with biblical principles. His humorous, self-effacing accounts of his experiences draw the reader into his articles and provide a frame of reference for gaining a more-in-depth, richer comprehension of the biblical principles discussed.

In other articles, the author begins with a brief mention of current events, examines cultural views of the events, and delves into the values and beliefs underlying those views, contrasting them with biblical values and beliefs.

Other articles delve into some aspect of Scripture. In “Turning the Tables on Phoebe—A Mother’s Day Reflection,” his insights into aspects of Phoebe’s service and character, and his observation that his wife Diane is a present-day Phoebe, is a heartfelt tribute to his wife and a prodding to any husband to deepen his appreciation for Phoebe-like traits in his own wife.

Many of the book’s articles lead the reader to the Cross and a deeper appreciation of the amazing grace we receive when we surrender to Jesus as our personal Savior and Lord. Right Side Up Thinking is a book full of life, humor—even laugh-out-loud humor at times—insights, and inspiration.  I highly recommend it for the new and the mature Christian.

-- Dave Hopkins


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