Bible Outlines for Reading, Teaching, or Discussion Groups

1 Kings: Stay under God’s leadership.

Ch. 1 Make God the King (the Ruler*) of your heart and life, in preference to other contenders.

(Other contenders such as fear, worry, doubt, pride, selfishness, envy, hypocrisy, prejudice, covetousness, apathy, an unforgiving spirit, and so forth)

v.1-4    Cherish the King by staying close to Him and serving Him. (Doing this warms His heart.)

v.5-10  Don’t involve yourself in those things that establish the wrong king in your heart and life.

a) v.5  Don’t exalt yourself to be your own king.

b) v.6  Don’t grow stronger in self-indulgence.

Application: Don’t build the wrong value system, embrace wrong thinking, or persist in wrong habits of life. ...


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