The Confession

In the stillness of the night You hear my cry

You know the battle in my soul

I give the fight all I have and try

To bear the rigorous toll


You embrace me in my weakest moment

You remind me of Your great love

In my daily predicament

I know I have help from up above



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Breaking the Chains: Escape the Prison of Worry

by Ginger Harrington

Am I going crazy?

For the first time in my life, sanity and peace seemed like a question instead of a given.

Years ago, I battled a hyperthyroid disorder. Plunging into the chaos of a thyroid-induced storm, adrenaline flooded my system and I lived on the edge of panic.

It was an agony of slow months before my hands stopped shaking. And longer before I slept more than an hour or two at night.

Anxiety marched in with a take-all vengeance, and worry held me captive in my own home—

  • Afraid to go out.
  • Afraid to stay in.
  • Afraid of being afraid.
  • Afraid of nothing specific.
  • Afraid of everything.


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Finding Rest for Your Soul

Go-go-go. That’s probably the mode our souls and bodies have been in since Thanksgiving. People to see, events to attend, food to make, and presents to buy. Now that Christmas is over, a new year is about to begin. I am looking forward to settling back into a routine, but also I am dreading a little the pressure of deadlines and the not-so-good surprises that the new year may bring.

How can we find rest for our souls—rest from the busy-ness of life and rest from life’s anxieties and pressures? By remembering Who takes care of us and spending time with Him.



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Guest Post by Erin Elizabeth Austin: It’s a Wonderful Life

This week’s theme for my blog and Facebook page is peace. I have the privilege of posting a devotion today by my friend, Erin Austin. I just joined her ministry as the designer of Broken but Priceless: The Magazine. Tomorrow we launch the magazine, so it’s only appropriate for her to guest blog for me today! She writes a touching devotion about peace—something we all need and want. You’ll get to know her a little more in this post, and I pray you experience the peace she describes. ...




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Lessons from Home

Life’s Issues Have a Solution

Jumbled, confused, tied in knots, anxious, helpless, and overwhelmed. That’s how we can feel on the inside, as we navigate the circumstances and surprises of life.

Sometimes we just get TIRED—tired of trying, tired of rejection, tired of hitting a brick wall again and again.

Sometimes the heat of temptation gets turned up way past “simmer” to “boiling.” All we can think about is what we are NOT supposed to do. The wrong solution gets brighter and bolder, and good sense gets muffled or silenced.

Sometimes we need just one person to listen to us and empathize with what we are going through. We need one person to understand us, to be on our side all the time, and then everything would be so much better. If we had one person to love us unconditionally, to trust in, to talk to and confide in. Someone who can see things ...


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