When Words Fail Me - A Guest Post by Josie Siler

Although I’m a writer, I can’t seem to find the right words to describe God’s creation. It’s magnificent, splendid, brilliant, outstanding, stunning, grand, impressive, unparalleled, unique, supreme, glorious, and so much more.

God’s handiwork is indescribable. That’s why I take pictures! Through photography I can show others small glimpses of the glory of God. Romans 1:20 (NLT) says, “For ever since the world was created, people have seen the earth and sky. Through everything God made, they can clearly see his invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature. So they have no excuse for not knowing God.” We learn things about God and get to know Him through the things He has made. 



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Breaking the Chains: The Art of Staying Positive

By Erin Elizabeth Austin

Judgmental. Harsh. Critical. As Christians, we are taught that we shouldn’t be negative in our outlook on life. We’re supposed to be happy, positive people who always see the glass as half-full, but that’s easier said than done. Personally, it’s something I only manage to accomplish when I regularly ask God for help.

Whether or not we like to admit it, I think most of us have the tendency to be a little cynical in the way we view what’s happening in the world around us. Because there is so much evil in the world, we’re taught that we shouldn’t trust others. As children, we learn not to talk to strangers. As adults, we’re reminded not to pick up hitchhikers on the street. We’re even taught as we grow up to stay away from people who dress a certain way because as a general rule that means they’re bad. And while it’s good to exercise caution in this day and age, I can’t help but wonder if we’ve become too critical and narrow-minded.



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Breaking the Chains: Pride’s Dirty Little Trick

by Josie Siler

Pride has a dirty little trick up its sleeve.

Sneaky. That’s what it is; it’s a sneaky little beast that is hard to kill, especially when we’re unaware of its existence!

Pride can start out good. We can be proud of ourselves for overcoming a fear. We can take pride in a job well done. We can even be proud of resisting sin. These are all good things. So where does the danger lie? ...






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Broken but Priceless: The Magazine

Grab a cup of hot chocolate, and snuggle in your favorite chair. Here’s a magazine you’ll want to read. Broken but Priceless: The Magazine is an encouraging resource for those who have chronic illnesses and for those who need some hope in the middle of trials. The magazine is free and comes by email to subscribers. Since I have the privilege of designing it, I get to read all the articles before they’re released and I anticipate with excitement the time when everyone else reads them. 



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When Life Upsets Your Life – A Guest Post by Josie Siler

Katy here. My guest blogger today is Josie Siler, a friend, survivor, and biker chick. As vice president of Broken but Priceless Ministries, she helps thousands of people suffering with chronic illness to have hope. Today she shares about how to keep going when life upsets your life. Here’s her story.

I’m sitting here in a hospital room, my skinny fingers flying across my laptop, trying to get this written before my grandma gets back from surgery.

It’s not how I envisioned writing this guest post for Katy. It was going to be a post full of adventure and fun and a good dose of silliness. Instead, I find myself writing to you from a hospital room, yet again surprised by life.

One phone call—one moment—can change everything. 



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Guest Post by Erin Elizabeth Austin: It’s a Wonderful Life

This week’s theme for my blog and Facebook page is peace. I have the privilege of posting a devotion today by my friend, Erin Austin. I just joined her ministry as the designer of Broken but Priceless: The Magazine. Tomorrow we launch the magazine, so it’s only appropriate for her to guest blog for me today! She writes a touching devotion about peace—something we all need and want. You’ll get to know her a little more in this post, and I pray you experience the peace she describes. ...




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Broken but Priceless in God’s Eyes: An Interview with Erin Elizabeth Austin

Last week, Erin Austin guest-blogged for me about waiting on God. This week, I want you to hear her story. In this interview, you will see her heart for people, the amazing ministry she has, and the storm in her life that propelled her in a new direction. When you receive surprising news or go through a storm beyond your control, there is always hope, and God is able to do amazing things. He has done amazing things in and through Erin. Her brave spirit and powerful words inspire me, and as you read, I believe they will inspire you too.


  1. Tell us a little bit about yourself. What makes you uniquely you? (Are you a secret rock star? A glorious painter? A super nanny?)

I’ll be the first to admit I’m a unique person, but trust me when I say you don’t want to see me paint! I can’t even draw a good stick person. Having said that, I’m actually quite good at crafts, decorating, and making things beautiful, including the things that most people consider to be trash. It’s one of my specialties, well, that and entertaining children. I started working with children when I was a teenager. I’ve done everything from working as a camp counselor to being a house parent in a children’s home. I suppose that’s why my nephews are my three favorite people. There’s nothing quite like spending time with a child and helping him realize how special he is.  



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