Refresh Bible Study Magazine: Christmas Issue

It's crunch time. Shopping for Christmas presents and groceries. Last minute laundry and decorating and preparations. So much to do with not enough time!

Come away for five minutes, and let your soul be refreshed in the awe of Christmas. Our team of writers has contributed to a Refresh issue that will help you to celebrate the Savior in this busy season--in this busy weekend!

Click on the link below and let the magazine load for a couple of minutes. Then scroll to the Contents page, and click on any article title to immediately start reading. It's our prayer that the articles and devotions you find will connect your heart more strongly to God and His word, and make your Christmas celebration even more joyful. From all of us at Lighthouse Bible Studies and the Refresh team of writers, Merry Christmas!

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Unexpected News

by Julie Coleman

The day I went into labor with my third child ended with quite the surprise. What we assumed would be one baby turned out to be twins! The midwife didn’t discover little Joseph until I had his sister Melanie in my arms. “Wait, there’s another head!” she informed us. I burst out laughing. Are you kidding me? A second baby? How wonderful was that?

Then the reality of the logistics of the situation hit me. Just moments ago, I had delivered my daughter “naturally,” my first childbirth experience without the aid of an epidural. “Wait a minute,” I said in a panic. “How are we going to get this baby out? Because I’m not going to do THAT again.”

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The Streets of Bethlehem

by Katy Kauffman


Bethlehem, your streets are filled tonight

With travelers and donkeys, tired and anxious.

They look for a warm place to stay.

Rooms fill up quickly as lamplight glows in windows.  


Bethlehem, your streets are filled tonight

As one couple seeks a place to sleep.

The girl is near her time, her betrothed knows it.

But they don’t walk here alone.

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What Does God Want This Christmas?

by Jeannie Waters

The brown paper sack of cornmeal was the most unusual Christmas present I’d ever received. Terry, a shy first grader, placed the unwrapped gift on my desk. I knew that his grandparents sold homemade cornmeal; I suspected giving a bag away was a sacrifice.

I cringed when a saucy little girl in the class wrinkled her nose, pointed to the cornmeal, and asked, “What is THAT? That’s not a Christmas present!”

Noticing Terry’s downcast eyes and slumped shoulders, I cradled the sack in my hands and responded, “It’s cornmeal that Terry’s grandpa made. Now my family can have the best cornbread in town!” The boy’s clear blue eyes peered up at me, and a slight smile brightened his face when I added, “Thank you so much, Terry.”

That sack of cornmeal was a sacrifice, the best Terry had to offer.

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Mary, Did You Know

I still remember how to sing “Mary, Did You Know?”. Oh, I never sang the solo, but for years I sang the choral part and loved it. Dressed in Hebrew costumes, we held lit candles as we made our way through the sanctuary to the stage, and knelt in a semi-circle asking that timeless question—Did you know?

Mary, a godly girl, a willing maidservant, did you know what you held that first Christmas night? Did you know that you held the hope for every soul? The power that would crush all evil? The love that would show us the Father?

Did you know that you held in bodily form the God who parted the Red Sea, stopped the mouths of lions, and rained fire from heaven? Did you know that you cradled the Savior of the world? That you gave birth to the great I AM in human form?



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The Jesus in the Manger

Whenever I see a manger scene, whether it’s a foot tall or life-size, I always look at the baby Jesus. Does He look realistic enough? So many nativities give Him a peaceful look, and I imagine He did have one (when He wasn’t crying). But over time, I had forgotten the fullness of who was in that manger two thousand years ago until I started reading the book of Revelation.



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God’s Choir

Children’s choirs filled the steps and sang Christmas songs. Little faces filled the big screens, and parents took pictures of their kids during the annual family Christmas program. On this particular Sunday night two weeks ago, my friends and I heard some beautiful Christmas music.  

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Celebrate Jesus

Dear Friend, 

During this Christmas season, may the reality of who Christ is and the peace we can find in Him bring light and hope to your soul.

Isaiah 9:6, Christmas, Celebrate Jesus, Katy Kauffman, Lighthouse Bible Studies

The Isaiah 9:6 Child: Prince of Peace


Peace. It’s something we all need, something we all crave.

As I close this series on Isaiah 9:6, there’s one more name to consider. This verse identifies the nature of the Messiah, whose birth we celebrate every Christmas. We have talked about Jesus being Wonderful, our Counselor, the Mighty God, and the Everlasting Father. It’s fitting that this series of names ends with Prince of Peace. ...



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The Isaiah 9:6 Child: Everlasting Father


When I read Isaiah 9:6, I pause the longest at this name—Everlasting Father. It’s been a treasure to me for a long time, although I think it’s odd to call Jesus a Father. I have always thought it referred to Jesus’ loving nature, but the word father in Hebrew gives this name a new meaning.

“Everlasting Father” literally means “the father of eternity.”1 It was a Hebrew and Arabic custom to call “he who possesses a thing … the father of it.”2 For Jesus to be the father of eternity means that He is eternal. He possesses eternity, and there is never a time when we have to doubt if He’ll be there. He is forever, with no beginning and no end. This name means that His rule as King won’t be short-lived like so many kings of this earth. His rule will be eternal, constant, and sure, because He is. ...



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