Responding to Fear and Disorder

Disorder and violence seem predominant in the news today, and we can be tempted to fear what will happen next. I heard the following message online recently, and it encouraged me greatly. Below are some of the notes I took. May they bless you in these uncertain days.

How To Respond in Times of Fear and Disorder
by Johnnie Moore  (speaking at Shadow Mountain Community Church in El Cajon, California)

Our fear must be kept subservient to our faith.
Fear causes us to only see the problem, and it blinds us to an opportunity for God.
We fear so much because our faith is so little.
Christians aren’t people of fear. ...


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Bible Outlines for Reading, Teaching, or Discussion Groups

2 Corinthians:  Live as an ambassador of Christ—Invest in the welfare of the church, and participate in its work.

Also: Contribute to one another’s joy, victory, and contentment, as well as your own.

Ch. 2  Let forgiveness follow punishment and joy follow sorrow, so God’s work may continue.
v.1-4  Let love be shown when wrongs are being set right within the church.
v.5-8  Forgive and comfort those who have caused grief, and reaffirm your love for them. ...


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