God Is into the Details

Have you ever known that God would provide something for you, but you weren’t sure of the details? How would He do it? When? How much were you supposed to do to help things move along? Did He just want you to wait? Details, details.

After a walk through the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C., I am even more convinced that God is into the details of our lives. I saw minerals that boasted an array of spectacular colors—rose pink, turquoise, deep royal blue, transparent yellow. I held curious butterflies and was mesmerized by their fragile, spotted wings. I walked through halls displaying skeletons of numerous animals, showing God’s handiwork in piecing together living beings, giving them flexibility where they needed it and rigidity as well.

Details. God loves details.



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Door Post Verses: Faith

How many times have we stood on the edge of the unknown and we knew we should move forward in faith? Has it happened recently to you? We hesitate to enter the unknown because we can’t see how things will turn out. We can’t see the safety net either—God’s invisible hand. Human reasoning tells us to run back the way we came, to depend on what we can see, and to trust in our own abilities. But a still, small voice tells us to jump in faith. We recall how God has helped us in the past. We remember when He taught us to fly.

I can’t count how many “unknowns” I’ve stood before, unsure of what was ahead. But I do remember that each time I jumped in faith, either God caught me or He taught me to fly. When I have depended on Him, He has never let me plummet into darkness. He was the light I needed and the hand that upheld me.



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Responding to Fear and Disorder

Disorder and violence seem predominant in the news today, and we can be tempted to fear what will happen next. I heard the following message online recently, and it encouraged me greatly. Below are some of the notes I took. May they bless you in these uncertain days.

How To Respond in Times of Fear and Disorder
by Johnnie Moore  (speaking at Shadow Mountain Community Church in El Cajon, California)

Our fear must be kept subservient to our faith.
Fear causes us to only see the problem, and it blinds us to an opportunity for God.
We fear so much because our faith is so little.
Christians aren’t people of fear. ...


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The Confession

In the stillness of the night You hear my cry

You know the battle in my soul

I give the fight all I have and try

To bear the rigorous toll


You embrace me in my weakest moment

You remind me of Your great love

In my daily predicament

I know I have help from up above



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Finding Rest for Your Soul

Go-go-go. That’s probably the mode our souls and bodies have been in since Thanksgiving. People to see, events to attend, food to make, and presents to buy. Now that Christmas is over, a new year is about to begin. I am looking forward to settling back into a routine, but also I am dreading a little the pressure of deadlines and the not-so-good surprises that the new year may bring.

How can we find rest for our souls—rest from the busy-ness of life and rest from life’s anxieties and pressures? By remembering Who takes care of us and spending time with Him.



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Isaiah: Setting Things Right


The surprise. Several years ago, my husband had a business conference in Florida that began on his birthday, so Katy and I went with him. We had reserved a room with two queen beds, but when we arrived at the hotel they told us the standard rooms were overbooked. The hotel gave us a free upgrade—all the way to the penthouse.

The room. The penthouse had floor-to-ceiling windows that overlooked the beach. The living room furnishings were lovely and inviting, like a home away from home. Dining chairs upholstered in turquoise fabric sat around a glass table that could accommodate six people comfortably. The kitchen was fully equipped. The bathrooms had TVs and telephones. Normally when the three of us ...


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Bible Application for Reading, Teaching, or Discussion Groups

The book of Romans gives us certainty and peace—certainty of how God’s plan of salvation works, and peace when we see how the love and mercy of a righteous God has provided for our reconciliation to Him. Chapter 1 of this awesome book begins by identifying the barrier between God and man, and the weapon that can overcome it.

Romans - Be transformed: Understand how salvation and sanctification work,
and believe it (embrace it) for yourself.
(embrace it – live in accordance with it; act on it; let it change and enrich you)

Ch. 1  The solution to the problem of sin, is faith in the gospel of Jesus Christ.
v.1-17  We are sent to all nations (to help with the problem of sin), and we bear the powerful weapon of the gospel of Jesus Christ. ...


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Overcoming Fear with Peace – A Guest Post by Carol A. Akin

God’s plan is that we do not live in fear, but rather enjoy His peace. In fact, I’ve heard many times that there are 365 times in the Bible that we are encouraged to fear not or do not fear. This leads me to a couple of key assumptions:

  1. God knows that humans are frail (after all He made us from dust) and are inclined to fear.
  2. We need constant reassurance that everything is going to be ok.
  3. He loves us and desires that we live in peace, free from fear.



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The Silent Prayer

Have you ever prayed so hard for something that you said no words aloud, but you cried out to God in your heart?

Some prayers originate from the deepest part of our souls, born out of desperation or anguish. Hannah prayed one of those prayers. 



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Bible Outlines for Reading, Teaching, or Discussion Groups

Have you ever thought of yourself as an ambassador of God’s kingdom, or as an emissary of Christ’s love? In the book of 2 Corinthians, Paul encourages the church to live as ambassadors of Christ, and Chapter 5 has some excellent reasons why we should.

2 Corinthians Ch. 5  Live no longer for yourself, but for Him who died for you.

v.1-4  Physical death is not the end of life—one day our earthly bodies will be exchanged for heavenly ones.

v.5-8  Once we are absent from the body, we will be present with the Lord.

v.9-10  So aim to please Christ while you are here, because we will all receive from Him according to what we have done in the body, good or bad.

v.11-13  Minister sincerely, having a great concern for souls. ...


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