A Fine Book

by Becky Hitchcock

I meet once a month with a dear and trusted friend. Her name is Caroline. We share in confidence the things which tug at our hearts. We laugh, too. We talk about the beach and pedicures. Good food, favorite authors, pastors, and Bible studies are also in the mix. She loans me fine books from her library and we pray together.

Once, when an evening reached well spent before we had actually begun to pray, Caroline said we needn’t be dismayed. She directed me to Malachi 3:16 (KJV):

Then they that feared the Lord spake often one to another:
And the Lord hearkened, and heard it;
And a book of remembrance was written before him
For them that feared the Lord
And that thought upon his name.

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Breaking the Chains: Easing the Gnaw of Loneliness

The hunger finds us at opportune times—when we’re alone at night, when we hear that friends are hanging out, when a relationship has ended. A craving to be with people starts to nibble at our hearts, and sometimes it can be satisfied with a phone call, a visit to Facebook, or a prayer. But if we can’t satisfy the hunger for fellowship soon, the gnaw of loneliness can eat away at our peace and joy. Have you felt it?

No one is immune. Single people, married people, the young, the more seasoned. It finds us. Satan likes to use loneliness as a choice weapon to steal our joy, peace, and hope.



loneliness, friendship, companionship, Breaking the Chains: Easing the Gnaw of Loneliness, Katy Kauffman, Lighthouse Bible Studies