When Life Upsets Your Life – A Guest Post by Josie Siler

Katy here. My guest blogger today is Josie Siler, a friend, survivor, and biker chick. As vice president of Broken but Priceless Ministries, she helps thousands of people suffering with chronic illness to have hope. Today she shares about how to keep going when life upsets your life. Here’s her story.

I’m sitting here in a hospital room, my skinny fingers flying across my laptop, trying to get this written before my grandma gets back from surgery.

It’s not how I envisioned writing this guest post for Katy. It was going to be a post full of adventure and fun and a good dose of silliness. Instead, I find myself writing to you from a hospital room, yet again surprised by life.

One phone call—one moment—can change everything. 



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