Refusing to Stop God’s Work

by Lauren Craft

The stench stung my nostrils. A second later, I saw the source. White smoke was seeping from the hood of my car. I would need to pull over, call for help, and miss dinner with my fellow missionaries.

We’d been training all day to evangelize at the huge multicultural festival happening the following day in a neighboring town. Finally, our training was done and a church was hosting us for dinner. I could always grab food somewhere else, but I would miss out on the encouragement and fellowship.

As I parked and turned the engine off, I took a deep breath. The last time my car had trouble was the weekend of a different multicultural festival a year ago. The enemy’s involvement was unmistakable. He didn’t like what we were doing. That made it even more important that we show up with smiles on our faces.

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Bible Outlines for Reading, Teaching, or Discussion Groups

Precious Promises

Nehemiah 9:7-8 tells us that God made a covenant (a binding agreement) with Abraham and his descendants—all those who believe (Rom 4:11) of every generation, including us today. Chapter 9 lists some of the blessings that God gave His people, and ends with the people reaffirming or refreshing their covenant with God. What can we learn (Rom 15:4) from this chapter about how God blesses those who believe in Him? In other words,

What does God covenant to do for His people?   
v.8 give us a home with Him
v.8 perform all His words ...


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