Praying Like Jesus

When our lives are hectic, it may be hard to settle down and pray. When our hearts are hurting, we may not know what to say. When we’re wanting to deepen our relationship with God, we may wonder what pattern of prayer pleases Him.

There is one Person whose heart always pleased God, Someone who has shown us how to talk to Him. In Matthew 6, Jesus gave us a pattern for prayer. He told us:

  • how to address God,
  • what to focus on in life,
  • how often to ask for what we need,
  • what to do about our sins and others’, 
  • how to guard against evil, and
  • why to ask for these things.

If Jesus taught the disciples to pray like this, we know that this pattern of prayer is complete with power, with a respect and love for God, and with a desire to see His will done in our daily circumstances. 

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