The Power over Rejection

by Stephanie Pavlantos

I read a post going around on Facebook which stated, “Don’t believe everything you think.” Its truth crashed head on into my thoughts of rejection.

Throughout most of my life it felt as though others rejected me. It’s one of those feelings which is so easy to believe, like fear. We can spend our entire existence thinking people are talking about us, believing no one values us, even feeling sure people don’t want us around.

I can feel excluded when I find see my friends on Facebook sharing pictures of themselves having a great time together, wondering why they didn’t invite me. When people don’t attend my Bible study classes, I assume it is because of me. When people won’t buy my book, it looks, feels, and smells like … rejection.

I am not ignoring the fact people have distanced or removed themselves from my life. It hurt when a boyfriend broke up with me because I wasn’t right for him, and when friends thought I was a “Jesus freak,” or a woman didn’t want to be friends any longer.

Even though people have rejected me, it doesn’t mean I am rejected.

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Bible Outlines for Reading, Teaching, or Discussion Groups

1 Peter:  Be Holy in All Your Conduct, Even in Suffering and Trials

Ch. 3  Become followers of what is good in your relationships with people.

v.1-7     Adorn yourselves with what is good toward your spouse: wives, be submissive to your husbands, and husbands, give honor to your wives.

v.8         Be compassionate, loving, tenderhearted, and courteous toward other believers.

v.9         Don’t return evil for evil, but bless others that you may be blessed.

v.10-12  If you want to receive good from God, refrain from speaking evil or deceit, do good rather than evil, and earnestly seek peace with others. ...


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