Just Because

by Becky Hitchcock

Because is a great word. With a fun blend of consonants and vowels, it’s easy on the ear. 

Yet it has depth. It indicates the why of something. The motive. The reason for a particular thing. The word thrills me actually. It makes me recall something historically and spiritually profound. It allows me to ponder a great demonstration and sacrifice on behalf of a great cause. 

The word because helps me ponder the Savior.

It takes me to the beginning of our beginning. The Scriptures are chock-full with details of God’s passion for all creation. His creation. All things were made by Him and He liked them. He called them good. In fact, He is so delighted He talks to Himself.

Let Us make man in Our image.
Genesis 1:26 NKJV

And so, from the dust of the earth, He brought forth mankind. He breathed life into us. He gave us the ability to speak, reason, and choose. He gave us a beautiful garden to tend and enjoy. He gave us delicious foods to partake. Moreover, we had the privilege of His company.  

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Bible Application for Reading, Teaching, or Discussion Groups

1 Peter Chapter 1  Because of the greatness of your salvation, live a holy life.

v.1-2  God’s plan of salvation for all believers includes sanctification by the Holy Spirit, obedience (to what is good), and cleansing by the blood of Jesus Christ.
v.3-5  The inheritance that God has given you because of your faith, can’t be taken away from you, and it won’t decay or fade away.
v.6-9  So let the joy of your salvation carry you through the trials of your faith. ...


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The Joy of Easter


Every Easter, churches across the world celebrate the glorious resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. Joy swallowed up sorrow when Jesus stepped out of the tomb! The suffering and pain of the cross were swallowed up in victory. Every Easter, I celebrate that victory in a special way. The night before Easter is my spiritual birthday. 



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Bible Outlines for Reading, Teaching, or Discussion Groups

Hebrews Ch. 2 Don’t neglect so great a salvation: Jesus is restoring us from a life of bondage to a life crowned with glory and honor.

v.1-4 Give the more earnest heed to what God has told us through His Son, lest you drift away from the truth you have heard.

v.5-8, 9 God wants mankind to have lives that are crowned with glory and honor—Jesus is indispensable to that plan.

v.9-10 God’s fitting plan for Jesus, as the Captain of our salvation, was for Him to taste death for everyone.

v.11-13 Now Jesus ,,,


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