The Miracle of Easter

Guest blogger Sherry Carter shares the second devotion in our series, “What Easter Means to Me.” May your heart be blessed as she celebrates the miracles of Easter.

Every year, Easter becomes more powerful!

What a miracle: the power of God raised Jesus from the dead, and that same power will raise me to eternal life! The longer I live, the more I hunger for that day.

Recently, I realized a joyous truth: the Resurrection is so much more than the promise of eternal life; it is the cornerstone of a miracle that began with Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross.

We are forgiven and cleansed: the power of sin is broken, and death is defeated through the glory of Christ’s resurrection!

Good Friday—as a young Christian, I couldn’t see anything good about it. Jesus died! He had to die because of my sins. I couldn’t get past the idea that it was my fault. Slowly I began to understand that Good Friday was good because of Resurrection Sunday.


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