A Whole Lot of Wonderful--the Gospel of Matthew

What Does the Bible Say, What Does It Mean, & How Is It Relevant to Life Today?
By Beebe Kauffman

The Bible is “a whole lot of wonderful.” It has rock solid truths for us to hold onto in an uncertain world, answers to our questions, encouragement to persevere, instructions and insights that help us with our relationships, and comfort for our trials. It tells us about God who reveals Himself as a loving heavenly Father, and it gives us insights for relating to Him through the record of His interactions with mankind over millennia.

Adam knew God first as Creator, Noah knew Him as Savior, Moses knew Him as the Rescuer of His people and as the Law-giver who helps them realize the abundant life. Abraham came to know God as a Friend, David became a man after God’s own heart, and Hezekiah knew Him as the God who answers prayer and who protects His people from the enemy.

The Bible is a whole lot of wonderful, because it is a book about our wonderful God, His wonderful plan of salvation through faith in His Son, and the wonderful life that He makes possible for those who believe in Him.

The Gospel of Matthew picks up God’s story, just before the birth of His Son as a Man, and tells us about Jesus’ life and teaching, His struggles and victories, and His death and resurrection.

A Whole Lot of Wonderful—the Gospel of Matthew takes the events, teaching, and insights of this great book, and puts them into a form of takeaway that is easy to read and to understand. Among the endless ways that Matthew might be applied to our lives today, this book uses one topic, one lens, through which we can see it all—“How to Stay Close to God.” This book topic is explained in 28 chapter titles, and in the paragraph statements for each of the chapters. For example, consider Matthew Chapter 1:

Matthew Ch. 1 Do what God tells you to do, because it will fit into His plan.
v.1-16 God can use you: all of these people were used of God to progress His plan, and all but One had imperfect lives.
v.17 Christ is the climax of the ages: God kept His promise and sent us His Son.
v.18-19 Don’t act based on circumstances or men’s reasoning.
v.20-25 Adjust your plans to the truth and the direction that God gives you.

A Whole Lot of Wonderful—the Gospel of Matthew is a supplement to Scripture that can be used to pace your quiet time, used as a prompt to record your own thoughts and insights about Scripture, or used as a starting point to develop your own set of application. It could also be used as a basis for group discussion of the Bible in home groups, Sunday Schools, or other group Bible studies.

This book of application on the Gospel of Matthew is a forerunner of a similar book on the New Testament: A Whole Lot of Wonderful—the New Testament, which will be released in the coming months. 

God’s Word is our great treasure. Let all of the wonderful that is treasured up in Matthew become freshly etched on your heart and applied in your daily life. May we take the opportunity to stay close to God, and see Him work in our lives as only He can!

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