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We're excited about our newest release The Power to Make a Difference. This book is a compilation of forty short Bible studies that address the explosive power of four areas of our lives. Click here to learn more.


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Refresh Bible Study Magazine

The mission of Refresh is to connect God's Word to life today. 

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Katy’s Blog - Winning the Victory

Days of Opportunity

Words give us hope. So do fighting spirits. Winston Churchill had both. In the dark days of World War II, Britain needed a leader who could rally them and lead them to victory.

Within the first year of the war, King George ...  Read More


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The Scrapbooked Bible Study

Bible studies don’t have to be dry and boring—they can be “scrapbooked”! Scrapbooking a photograph is all about visual appeal using background papers, journal entries, and embellishments. You can also add bling—anything that sparkles or shines. We love bling. Bible studies can be scrapbooked for greater reader appeal, using such “background papers” as the context of the message or the customs of the times. The “journal entries” are application for today and discussion questions. “Embellishments” such as stories or a fresh approach to the subject create interest; and comparisons, examples, and definitions build understanding. Spiritual insight is the bling. So the brand of Lighthouse Bible Studies is, “The Scrapbooked Bible Study.”

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