A Whole Lot of Wonderful – Application of the New Testament for Today

What does the Bible say, what does it mean, and how is it relevant to life today?
By Beebe Kauffman

Do you ever need a little more motivation
to be in God’s word on a daily basis and live it out?

This book may help. But it’s not an instruction book on how to study Scripture—it’s a book on how to live it. It has application for today for every book, chapter, and paragraph of the New Testament.

The key elements in a book of Scripture—repeated words, contrasts and comparisons, and the main ideas of events, conversations, and teaching—were considered side by side, and application in the form of book titles emerged. These titles are usually stated as instructions, and the chapter titles and paragraph statements give the why’s and how’s. The idea is to read Scripture first, and then read the application for it in this book.

A Whole Lot of Wonderful is a book full of how-to’s: how to stay close to God, how to overcome the obstacles to the Christian life, and how to walk with Jesus in this life in the authority and power of the Word of God. And that’s just the first three gospels.

The application in the book has been checked against the whole counsel of God and confirmed by the information in about twelve Bible commentaries, dictionaries, and other resources. Some of these explanations and insights are included in this book.

A Whole Lot of Wonderful can be used in quiet times, for personal study, and for group discussion, and it includes helpful sections in the back such as “Design Your Own Study” and “Using This Book for Group Discussions.”



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We're excited to share that A Whole Lot of Wonderful is a 2019 Selah Awards finalist.