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Our mission is to connect God’s Word to life today through our books, magazine, conferences, and other resources and ministries.


Katy Kauffman, Lighthouse Bible Studies Co-Founder

Katy Kauffman

Katy Kauffman is an award-winning author, an editor of Refresh Bible Study Magazine, and a co-founder of Lighthouse Bible Studies. She loves connecting with writers and working alongside them in compilations, and she is faculty at several writers’ conferences.

In addition to online magazines, Katy’s writing can be found at CBN.com, thoughts-about-God.com, and three blogs on writing. Her Bible studies for women focus on winning life’s spiritual battles.

Katy has seen in her ministry experiences at home and abroad that every person has the same need for God and His word, and the same desire to be loved. She wants to help people to know God on a personal level and love Him more each day; to flourish in God’s love, walk in His joy, and rest in His peace; and to overcome the obstacles of the Christian life and live victoriously.

Katy loves to spend time with family and friends, paint with watercolors in her Bible journal, and do yard work in the morning sun. Click here to learn more.

Beebe Kauffman, Lighthouse Bible Studies Co-Founder

Beebe Kauffman

Beebe Kauffman is the chief editor of Refresh Bible Study Magazine, a co-founder of Lighthouse Bible Studies, and a co-director with her daughter Katy Kauffman, of the annual Enrich Conference for Bible Study Writers, Speakers, and Teachers that is held in northern Georgia.

She believes that Bible studies and all Scripture-based writing should never be boring. They should show the personal relevance of God’s word to life today and the warmth, love, and personal involvement in our lives of its Author.

Beebe has written two award-winning Bible studies, Isaiah: Setting Things Right—Chapters 1-6 How can we cooperate with God to set things right in our hearts, minds, and daily lives? and A Whole Lot of Wonderful—Application of the New Testament for Today.

She enjoys spending time with family and friends, making homemade greeting cards, and watching good movies.

Rick Kauffman, Lighthouse Bible Studies Co-Founder

Rick Kauffman

“Go Light the World”

Rick Kauffman is a designer of outdoor lighting for cities, state departments of transportation, and various other applications. The vision that his boss gave him many years ago was, “Go light the world.” 

That vision applied as well to Rick’s first passion in ministry—evangelism. For more than ten years he was involved in the evangelism program at a large Memphis, Tennessee church, and he used his training and experience to share with people as he traveled for business. 

He has participated in twelve short-term foreign mission trips involving evangelism and construction through his local church and the IMB.

Rick also has a passion for discipleship. He co-taught in the youth and college ministries at the Tennessee church, taught in the Men’s Ministry in a large Atlanta church, and led a weekly men’s Bible study outside of church.

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Our Statement of Faith

To our contributors: Generally, our beliefs align with “The Baptist Faith and Message,” 2000, not because it’s Baptist, but because it seems to us that it reflects the whole counsel of God’s Word. But we think it’s a good idea to emphasize the following.

1. God

2. God's Plan of Salvation

A. God sovereignly chose:

God desires all men to be saved, and He has designed His plan of salvation accordingly. (The following verses are NKJV.)

There is some debate about the word that is translated “all” in 1 Tim 2:4—Strong’s #3956, pas—whether it means some of all types or groups, or whether it means everyone.

That same word for “all” is used 4 times in the Great Commission (“all authority,” “all nations,” “observe all things that I have commanded you,” “I am with you always” (Matt 28:18-20 NKJV). It is used once in Romans 3:23 (“for all have sinned” [NKJV]), and in several other verses where it would most likely be agreed that “all” means all.

The same word is translated “whoever” (NKJV) in John 3:16 and other verses that testify that God’s offer of salvation is extended to everyone, to “all” persons.

B. A person whom God has accepted into His family and kingdom can never lose his or her salvation (John 10:27-29, 5:24, 6:40, 47, 3:15-16, 11:25-26; 1 John 2:25, 5:13, 20; Psalm 37:28, Isa 45:17, 55:3, 1Peter 1:5, Heb 7:25).

3. The Bible

The Bible is God-inspired, inerrant, and authoritative (2 Tim 3:16). It has no error regarding the truth of who God is, who we are apart from Him, who we can be by faith in Him, the plan of salvation, the certainty of eternal life by faith, the existence of angels and the devil, and so forth.

4. The Church

The Church is composed of believers, and they are members of God’s family and kingdom. Our mission and privilege is to know and love God (John 17:3, Mark 12:30), to keep growing in how well we know Him, and to relate to Him, believers, and nonbelievers according to the wisdom that He has given us in His Word.

The Scrapbooked Bible Study

Bible studies don’t have to be dry and boring—they can be “scrapbooked.”

Scrapbooking a photograph is all about visual appeal using background papers, journal entries, and embellishments. You can also add bling—anything that sparkles or shines. We love bling.

Bible studies can be scrapbooked using such “background papers” as the context of the message or the customs of the times. The “journal entries” are application for today and discussion questions.  “Embellishments” such as stories or a fresh approach to the subject create interest. Comparisons, examples, and definitions build understanding. Spiritual insight is the bling.

Relevance, appeal, and sparkling insights are the goals of Lighthouse Bible Studies, so our brand is, “The Scrapbooked Bible Study.”

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