Finding Our Place in Life

Finding “our place” in life can sometimes be a long process. We want a place that is secure, that is uniquely ours, and that is enjoyable and heartwarming. We want a place from which we can launch out into life’s circumstances and relationships and navigate them well. We want a home base that we can count on, one that doesn’t shift and give way, like sand or silt, under the weight of life. Finding this place gives us sure footing in life, a willingness to try and to risk, and perhaps to fail and then try again.

God offers us such a place in a loving relationship with Himself.  He is willing to furnish us with the grace, peace, and joy that we need for life’s ups and downs. He’s willing to be there for us, to share life with us. God is willing to be our Rock and our safe refuge, one that doesn’t fade away when times become uncertain or difficult. We can count on this Rock. We can find “our place” in Him. Always.

Copyright © 2014 by Beebe Kauffman

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