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Where in the world can we find courage and safety? What should we do when the enemy and worldliness seem to be crowding in around us?

Isaiah Ch. 8  Find your courage and safety in believing God and His word—don’t refuse them or neglect them.

v.1-4  Publish (make known) what God says, for it will surely come to pass.
             Application: Be a faithful witness of what God says.

v.5-8  Don’t refuse to know God or to embrace His ways, direction, and help.

v.9-10  The enemy against us will be shattered, but God with us and for us will prevail.

v.11-15  Don’t fear the enemy, but fear (hallow) God.

v.16-18  Keep trusting God even if it seems like no one else around you does.

v.19-20  Listen to the guidance and wisdom of God, not to deceivers; listen to the light of His word.

v.21-22  What does Scripture say will happen to those who willfully refuse to heed God?
             - oppression, great need, trouble, anguish, and darkness


1. See the big picture, and be faithful to do your part of it.
2. Keep publishing the truth as God gave it, accurately and thoroughly.
             - the truth as it still stands
             - the truth that certainly will take place
             - the truth that defines our relationship with God
             - the truth that reveals what happens to those who refuse a loving relationship with God

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