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The book of Romans gives us certainty and peace—certainty of how God’s plan of salvation works, and peace when we see how the love and mercy of a righteous God has provided for our reconciliation to Him. Chapter 1 of this awesome book begins by identifying the barrier between God and man, and the weapon that can overcome it.

Romans - Be transformed: Understand how salvation and sanctification work,
and believe it (embrace it) for yourself.
(embrace it – live in accordance with it; act on it; let it change and enrich you)

Ch. 1  The solution to the problem of sin, is faith in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

v.1-17  We are sent to all nations (to help with the problem of sin), and we bear the powerful weapon of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
      v.1-6  The Savior that God promised long ago has come, and we are sent to all nations to             proclaim His gospel.
      v.7-8  Let your faith be known in your sphere of influence.
      v.9-12  Pray for other believers and encourage each other.
      v.13-17  Stay ready to preach the gospel of Christ to all people, for it is the power of God to             salvation for everyone who believes it.

v.18-20  People who refuse or reject the knowledge of God are without excuse, because creation clearly reflects His invisible attributes.

v.21-32  When people turn from the truth about God to a lie, He gives them up to vile passions, a debased mind, and the practices that come from them.

Rom 1:21-32  The problem is sin.

v.21  Sin is having some knowledge of God, but not praising Him as God or thanking Him.
v.25  Sin is exchanging the truth of God for a lie.
v.25 Sin is worshiping (loving and valuing) what God created more than, or instead of, God Himself.
v.28  Sin is not retaining God in our knowledge (in what shapes who we are and what we do).
v.32  Sin is knowing the result of doing wrong (that which opposes God’s character, will, and wisdom) and doing it anyway, and approving of others who do it.

v.21 Sin causes our thoughts to become futile and our hearts to become darkened.
v.23  Sin lowers our focus and our values from God to His creations.
v.24-32  The sin of suppressing the truth about God prompts Him to give people up to:
                v.24-25  the lusts of their hearts to dishonor their bodies,
                v.26-27  vile passions which carry penalties of their own, and
               v.28-32  a debased mind whose fruits are attitudes, words, and actions that are inappropriate for a follower of God—those which are immoral, destructive, combative, selfish, violent, and foolish.

More Application:
It matters whether you choose the gospel or a lie, because your choice will reap a lifestyle.
The gospel of Christ is the power of God to salvation, but it can be rejected by men—some won’t believe, so some won’t be saved.

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