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Acts: Be a God-directed witness.

OR  Be God-directed and God-empowered in your contributions to His family and for His kingdom.

Ch. 26  What will Jesus send you to say to someone who doesn't know God?
v.1-3       “You are permitted to speak for yourself” (v.1).
v.4-11     Tell them your personal testimony/background (tell them about yourself).
v.12-15   Tell them how God changed your direction.
v.16-18   Tell them the personal benefits of faith.
v.19-20   Tell them what they need to do.
v.21-23   Tell them what Scripture says about Christ.
v.24-25   Speak the words of truth and reason.
v.26-29   Make an appeal for a personal decision.
v.30-32   Get ready for the next step.

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