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1 John Ch. 3 Choose your abiding place:

abiding in God, in love, and in righteousness brings life and assurance;

abiding in sin, in the world, and in the devil brings death.

v.1      Because of His love for us, God has called us to an identity and reality in Him that the world doesn’t understand or value—being His children.

v.2-3   As a child of God, aspire to have purity like your Father’s, and do your part of realizing it.

v.4-6  Choose to abide in Jesus in whom there is no sin, because to the extent that you abide in Him, you will not sin (violate God’s will and His ways).

v.7-10  Your true reality shows in your practice: habitual righteousness and love show that you are a child of God; habitual sin shows that you are of the devil.

v.11-18 Choose to abide in the love of God—your chosen place of abiding will be manifest by your love, or lack of it.

v.19-24 Choose to abide in assurance before God.

v.19  Loving others in deed and in truth, assures us that we are of the truth.
v.20-21 Having a heart (conscience) that doesn’t condemn us, gives us confidence that there is no unconfessed sin that is hindering our fellowship with God.
v.22-23  When we believe in Jesus, love one another, and do what is pleasing to God, we receive from Him whatever we ask.
v.24  The Spirit assures us that the person who keeps God’s commandments, abides in God, and He in him.


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