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1 Peter:  Be Holy in All Your Conduct, Even in Suffering and Trials

Ch. 3  Become followers of what is good in your relationships with people.

v.1-7     Adorn yourselves with what is good toward your spouse: wives, be submissive to your husbands, and husbands, give honor to your wives.

v.8         Be compassionate, loving, tenderhearted, and courteous toward other believers.

v.9         Don’t return evil for evil, but bless others that you may be blessed.

v.10-12  If you want to receive good from God, refrain from speaking evil or deceit, do good rather than evil, and earnestly seek peace with others.

v.13-15  Don’t be afraid of anyone who makes you suffer for righteousness’ sake, but be ready to give a defense of your hope with gentleness, humility, and reverence.

v.16       Whatever happens, let your good conscience be sustained by good conduct in Christ, so that anyone who defames you will be ashamed.

v.17-18  If you suffer for doing good, follow Christ’s righteous example.

v.19-20  Consider the longsuffering of God toward those who refused to believe or obey Him during the days of Noah; consider the trouble that He went to, to save eight souls.

v. 21-22  Be comforted: No one can take from us the washing of our hearts from sin that comes from faith in Christ, or the certainty of our salvation that is based on His victory over death.

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