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Matthew Ch. 10  Be entrusted by Jesus with a stewardship of His power, and endure the persecution that comes with it.

Be entrusted with a stewardship:

v.1  Those who learn from Jesus, are sent out with power to do God’s work among men.

v.2-4  Jesus knows each of His disciples and apostles by name and character.

v.5-8a  Go where God (Jesus) sends you, preach what He tells you, and work as He directs you.

v.8b-10  Give to others freely, what God has freely given you, and receive what you need, from those whom you serve.

v.11-15  Seek out not who is rich, but who is worthy (those who will receive and hear you);  those who won’t receive you, will be judged.

Endure persecution:

v.16-20  Avoid danger when you can, but when you can’t,  use those opportunities to speak what God tells you.

v.21-23  What you teach and preach about Jesus will cause division within families, and you will be hated and persecuted; but endure to the end.

v.24-25  You will suffer some of the mistreatment with which they treated Jesus, because you are His disciple and His servant.

Do not fear men, but be bold.

v.26-28  “Whatever I tell you in the dark, speak in the light; and what you hear in the ear, preach on the housetops” (v.27).

v.29-33  Nothing can happen to you apart from God’s will, so don’t let fear keep you from confessing Jesus before men.

OR v.26-33  Speak for Jesus, what He speaks to you, because God values you, and you are under His care and power.

v.34-39  The supreme goal in life is not preserving peace, but loving and following God (Jesus), so be ready to endure trials even unto death.

v.40-42  There will be those who will not persecute you, but help you; they will by no means lose their reward.


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